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Alberta is fairly new to having land. Much of Alberta is an ancient sea bed. The sea floor was made up of fine silt, sediments and sea salt. Over time this dried up sea floor sediment became clay. Clay forms as a result of the weathering and erosion of rocks and is responsible for Alberta’s concrete like soil structure.

What this means for your lawn

Obviously, any living plant is going to depend on the soil it grows in. Grass is no exception. Our native Canadian cool-season grasses prefer soil that allows a free flow of nutrients. This allows their roots to follow that flow downward, deeper into the soil, increasing its capacity to store nutrients for dry summers and long winters. This is a fundamental key for the survival of grass in Alberta that most people are going without.

What’s going on below the surface?

Since the soil in Alberta contains copious amounts of clay, it’s an unavoidable hurdle for gardeners. Even rich topsoil available at your local garden centers and landscape supply yards is blended with Alberta dirt, and contains a lot of clay. It’s everywhere. Healthy soil is a perfect balance of sand, silt, clay and organic material.

Alberta’s scale is tilted to one side. Too much clay leads to massive swelling when watered, making the clay denser and stickier while wet, followed by a condensed, concrete-like structure when dry. This makes it very hard for water to flow freely, thus inhibiting your lawn’s potential for deep root growth.

Another major problem is that national lawn care companies do not alter their services in any way to serve Alberta’s soil specifically. The use of chemical fertilizers on clay-based soils for a long period of time contributes to a buildup of salt; an ingredient found in chemical fertilizers used to deliver nutrients and minerals to the root zone.

High sodium concentrations are associated with clay platelet swelling. This greatly impedes the flow of air, nutrients and water within the soil.

Clay that contains no water, air pockets or nutrients is as useful to your lawn as concrete. Digging it out is a daunting task, especially if there are mature trees stretching their roots in virtually every direction.

The only rational option, if you do want a thick, lush lawn in Alberta, is to transform its foundation entirely. This requires a closer look at the soil beneath the surface, how it works and what can be done to change it. How we do this.

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Our Mission

Nova Vita Inc. currently offers trial pricing for clients involved with our introduction tour. If you have been approached by a field representative in your area, you are eligible for various discounts on our service.

This is our way of meeting with the community in person to better understand everyone’s needs. At this time, we are also gathering results, testimonials and referrals. Our goal is to establish awareness throughout Calgary’s residential communities.