Frequently Asked Questions

A Few Of The Questions We’re Commonly Asked


Was enough product (topdressing) applied to my property?

It may not seem like much, but a 1cm layer of compost does make up a full cubic yard per 800 square feet. That is the recommended application thickness on lawns to avoid smothering or burning.

Why does this cost so much?

We believe an effective product must be successful 100% of the time. By removing the ‘Ifs’, ‘Buts’ and ‘Maybes’ that one can encounter within the gray areas of lawn care, we ensure none of your hard-earned money goes to waste. When considering the cost of an ineffective product or service, many of our clients have actually proclaimed financial savings with using our service.

How does this level my lawn?

Clay soil that is dense will lift and sink while heaving, creating a lumpy, uneven lawn. While our product will level your lawn over time, some may ask why this result isn’t instantaneous. The reason is because our topdressing is not top soil, it is a soil amendment (supplement).

Its long-term effects will change the structure of your existing soil as it filters through. Once this process begins to break down your existing soil, it will be less affected by shifting ground and naturally smooth over existing unevenness.

Why is fall a good time to have this done?

The ground may freeze, but the roots do not. In fact, your lawn’s roots are very much alive all winter, trying their best to conserve food for the long haul.

Soil health is paramount in providing nutrients to your roots all winter. Many complain that the winter is hard on our grass, leaving it virtually lifeless by spring. This should not be the case.

Experts agree that the best time to feed your lawn and prepare for spring is in the fall. This will ensure that it has all the necessary nutrients and minerals available, with some extra insulation, to overcome and emerge from winter with ease. This makes all the difference in improving the lawn’s defenses for the rest of the year.

How does this service improve weed control?

Our product, an organic soil supplement with neutral pH, does not discriminate against existing weeds. In fact, with the exception of plants that prefer a lower pH such as moss, our product will provide nourishment for just about everything that grows from the ground. However, once the playing field is equalized, cool-season turf-grass is the most dominant contender for territory by a long shot. When grass grows optimally, its sheer strength in numbers will overwhelm the competition and eventually impede the growth of broad leaf weeds.

This process requires patience and consistency. Cutting your lawn to short will stunt the overall root growth of your lawn, making this process impossible.

Failing to mow every week will allow weeds to reach their reproduction stage.

Mowing every single week, at the right height, will prevent weeds from reproducing, provide recycled grass clippings for additional feeding and most importantly maintain a straight, strong assembly of impenetrable turf-grass that defends against unwanted invaders.