About Nova Vita Inc

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About Nova Vita

Caring for Alberta’s soil

Nova Vita (New Life) Inc. Is a newly pioneered residential lawn care company founded in 2015. Since then, we have been developing new ways to conveniently deliver and apply organic solutions for Alberta’s arid soil. Our yearly service uniquely provides guaranteed results that completely replace the use of seasonal lawn care applications and services.

First and foremost, we understand that there is a growing concern within the residential lawn care industry. Many homeowners have given up hope in achieving an immaculate lawn. Nova Vita Inc. is dedicated to meeting that mentality head on with answers rather than scripts and guarantees instead of promises.

Our main goal is educating homeowners on organic, sustainable lawn care, the benefits of mending poor soil and how to break conventional, outdated lawn care habits.

The care and attention we put into our product and service is unmatched.

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We use a natural process to restore your grass, starting with the soil

Why Nova Vita Inc

We get to the root of the problem

Adding a layer of topdressing evenly along the entire surface of your lawn is no easy task. As companies and homeowners prefer an easier method, we are adamant on delivering this natural process as a convenient service. We thoroughly believe that life cannot be artificially engineered, especially when it comes to the complex diversity of life within soil.

Rich, healthy soil will care for your lawn at all times, slowly providing it with essential nutrients at a rate only measurable by Mother Nature’s clock. With proper after care, our service can be astonishingly effective from just 1 application per year. Did we say there was an easier way? There isn’t.