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Nova Vita Inc. addresses a specific problem directly; poor soil.

Poor soil quality is a common problem that is widely overlooked by the lawn care industry, mostly due to the cost and time associated with its solution.

For decades, companies have been engineering new ways to make lawn care cheap and convenient for both the company and the client. Granular fertilizer and liquid herbicide have reduced overhead for companies on all fronts; providing an affordable, year-round lawn care package for residential property owners. This concept has the grass depend on chemically engineered nutrients for quick, on-demand relief once the lawn shows signs of a struggle.

This process essentially brushes your soil’s health under the rug. As the lawn directly depends on artificial nutrients, it will thrive. The soil, however, will diminish rapidly, resulting in a chemically dependent lawn before long.

This situation is especially dangerous for Alberta’s heavy clay soil, which is already quite barren to begin with. Failure to sustain healthy soil here strips away core fundamental nutrients that allows grass to sustain itself without the use of any chemicals. Healthy soil makes a healthy lawn.

Despite all the facts, Albertan homeowners continue to struggle with the long-term health of their lawn, simply because the right lawn care services aren’t readily available or affordable. Our service is designed to finally meet their needs.

Surface Clearing

As a preparation, we must remove any obstructions such as pine leaves, fallen fruit, seeds, nuts, from the base of the lawn. These organics can prevent proper seed germination. Surface clearing ensures there are no obstacles in the way of sunlight or grass seed reaching the soil’s surface.

These organics can be useful to other plants, depending on their origin. We will return the pine needles to the base of a pine tree where they benefit the soil beneath the tree.

This service is only available for existing grass areas (an area containing any number of visible grass blades) unless other arrangements have been made.

Mechanically Applied Organic Top Dressing

Here is our niche.

We have made this process as efficient as possible. Our trained technicians specialize in applying an even, 1/4-inch layer of organic material directly into your lawn’s base. The product is applied mechanically to ensure full and consistent results everywhere we service. Our custom blend of organic material has been thoroughly screened, aged and tested before being applied to the property. Once applied, proper mowing and watering is the only requirement for the rest of the year.  This organic soil supplement falls through the grass instantly, making it only visible as a dark base. Looks better already! But what happens now?

Our organic blend is plant-based, contains no clay and absolutely no weed seeds.

Material like this is not easy to make and can be rather expensive. Cheaper blends can contain devastating surprises such as invasive weed seeds, invasive insects, large debris, diseases, mold and/or pathogens… The list goes on.

Custom Seeding

We apply seed gradually, more for the thinner areas, less for the thicker areas. The goal is a lush, even lawn. We use a specific blend of seed depending on the condition of the targeted area and what already exists within the turf. We guarantee new growth in any soil, regardless of its condition, with the purchase of our timed watering service.

Timed Watering System

Most people are too busy to water properly. Unfortunately, nothing lives without water and applying the right amount at the right times of the day is crucial for new and established grass. Too much water can wash everything away and not enough water will lead to complete product failure.

We will provide and install all the materials needed to water every inch of your grass the right way. This system comes with an automatic water timer, so you never have to remember when and how to water your lawn. Just follow our guidelines!

Purchasing this service guarantees all results for four winter-less months.

BBB Accredited Business

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Our Guarantee

Sadly, many homeowners are left asking where are the results?

This is a growing concern in Albertas lawn care market. Unfortunately, most companies can only guarantee their workmanship. This means they are no longer liable as long as the job was done right.

At Nova Vita Inc., we guarantee results. Our 4-month aftercare warranty covers any serviced areas that are not experiencing visual improvement. Requests are met with re-applications to all struggling areas free of charge. We ask that you submit any concerns regarding a serviced lawn within 14 days of discovery.

Our guarantee only covers areas that are mowed and watered on a schedule that follows our aftercare instructions exactly.

Our warranty term freezes with the ground in the Fall and resumes with the thaw of next Spring.